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3 Procedures That Whiten Teeth

There’s nothing quite like flashing a beautiful white smile to make you feel confident and beautiful, but it can sometimes be hard to achieve. All the brushing, flossing, and mouthwash in the world isn’t going to always keep your teeth perfectly white. That’s why there are whitening treatments that can address concerns ranging from simple staining to teeth that need a root canal. Your smile plays a surprisingly important role in your life, affecting your career, your love life, and your overall sense of self-confidence. If you have stained teeth that you’d like to address, consider one of the three following treatment options.

Tooth Whitening Options in Your Dental Aisle

Whitening your teeth is big business, which is why you’ll find a host of options available in your dental aisle. Your pharmacy is sure to contain a broad range of options that include toothpaste, mouthwashes, chewing gum, and much more. If the staining on your teeth is mild these treatment options may work for you, and they happen to be rather gentle on them if used properly.

Whitening Trays And Gels

There are versions of these available over the counter as well, but your dentist has more powerful versions that can tackle serious staining on teeth healthy enough to accept the treatment. These trays are designed to properly fit your teeth and use a powerful grade of whitening gel unmatched with OTC options. Your dentist may send these home with you but you must be certain to follow their instructions exactly, these gels are quite strong.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Your dentist has other methods of whitening your teeth that can only be done in the office, including laser whitening. The strongest solutions of whitening gel can only be used in office, and there are forms of whitening that can only be done on teeth that are in need of a root canal. A consultation with your dentist will let you know if any of these treatments are appropriate for your case.

Why Get My Teeth Whitened At All?

You may be surprised to learn that your smile plays an important role in a lot of social circumstances you may not have considered. For better or worse your dating life will be impacted by an imperfect smile, as will your opportunities in your career. Research has shown that employers are less prone to hire someone with unpleasant teeth, and will pass them over for promotion as well. Whitening your teeth is a way to take control of these conditions and give yourself a better chance at success.

When you’re looking to have dental work done you want to hire the services of a trained professional. Dr. Shikha Batra has been helping dental patients like you regain their beautiful white smile through whitening procedures and restorative dentistry for years. Make an appointment at their Troy, MI based clinic, the Troy Dental Studio today. You’ll be scheduled for a consultation where Dr. Batra will determine what options are available to you for improving your smile.

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