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Am I a Candidate for Dentures?

Dentures splashing into a glass of water

Our teeth play an important role in everyday activities like chewing, talking, and even singing, but what do we do when through age, poor oral hygiene, or misadventure we lose our teeth?  For a while missing a single tooth or two isn’t going to cause too much concern unless it’s in the front and quite visible. Eventually, however, missing teeth are going to lead to problems with our day to day lives.  If this is an experience that you’re having then it’s probably time to consider getting dentures.


What Dentures Are And How They Help

Dentures are a restorative method that provides you with artificial teeth that can be removed, and serve to replace those teeth that are damaged or missing in your mouth.  These restorative prosthetics are available in a variety of styles to address each individual patients needs. Partial dentures are used when just a few teeth are missing, upper or lowers are used when the entire area is in need of replacement teeth.  If all your teeth are missing than a full set of upper and lower teeth can be provided.


Partial Dentures

As mentioned above, partial dentures are used when only a few teeth are missing.  If you’re just missing a handful of teeth then these are a great solution. These dentures are secured to the teeth that remain via wires (known as clasps) to hold them in place and ensure a good grip.


Full Dentures

Those who are missing a great number of teeth may opt to have the remaining teeth removed and instead use a full set of dentures.  This style of denture may be able to replace all your teeth, but they are only held in place with an adhesive and so are not terribly comfortable or efficient.


Snap-On Dentures

This is the newest technology in dental replacement prosthetics.  In the event that a patient has a few solid teeth remaining these dentures can be designed to snap onto them, holding them in place to facilitate natural chewing.  If there are no teeth remaining than titanium mountings can be placed into the jaw, and these dentures will snap on to them. These provide an experience very similar to that of having natural teeth in terms of chewing, fit, and security.


How To Know If You’re A Candidate

The simplest way to know if you’re a candidate for dentures is if you’re experiencing difficult chewing and talking due to issues with missing teeth.  If this is the case then contact your dentist to schedule a consultation to get their feedback and to aid you in making a decision. If you don’t have a dentist or are looking for a second opinion then make a call to Troy Dental Studio in Troy, MI today.  Dr. Shikha Batra has been working with patients in the area to help them make the best choice for them in all dental concerns. Don’t let another day with missing teeth keep you from smiling, eating, and speaking with confidence, make an appointment today.


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