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Common Dental Emergencies and First Aid

Medical emergencies and first aid treatments are frequently spoken about when it comes to what to do in cases of dental injuries; those tend to be left out of discussions. The mouth is a vital yet highly susceptible part of the body, but not many people know about the preventive steps that can be taken to respond to them. Here a list of what to do in various situations where your mouth is in trouble, and you need medical attention.

Cracked/Broken Teeth – Broken teeth can happen from a numerous amount of circumstances, such as intense sports, chewing food that’s too hard, and even falling. If this happens, try and collect the broken pieces and get those pieces to your dentist as soon as possible. Getting to a dentist will allow your doctor to be able to take care of your teeth and potentially repair the damage done.

Bites in the Mouth or Tongue – Bites in the mouth or to the tongue are common, but if the wounds don’t heal as quickly as they should, see your dentist. Bites in the mouth can occur from an accident or a misalignment to the jaws and teeth.

Infections in the Mouth – Abscesses deep within the gums can become a severe issue quickly if not treated. Any disease that occurs in the mouth should be seen by a dentist as soon as possible because that infection can spread to other parts of the body through the bloodstream if left untreated.

Knocked-Out or Loose Tooth – Sudden impacts can create a loose or knocked-out tooth. If you’re able to find the tooth, wrap the tooth in a moist towel and keep the tooth in a safe container. By getting to your dentist, it increases the chance of the tooth to recover in the mouth if it can be placed back in the socket.

Bleeding from the Mouth – Any experience of intense, non-stop bleeding should be considered a medical emergency and should receive immediate care. If you’re experiencing any pain, place an ice pack on the part of the mouth that hurts, place pressure on the bleeding point of the wound, and get to your dentist.

Toothaches – Toothaches can be an annoyance to deal with, but cavities, if left untreated for an extended period of time, can become a severe problem. When you have the time, schedule an appointment with your dentist so that way they can remove the toothache and address what’s causing it.

If you wish to learn more about dental emergencies and what you can do to help prevent them, contact Dr. Shikha Batra at Troy Dental Studio in Troy, MI. Dr. Batra will be able to help treat any dental emergencies that you have with efficiency alongside his excellent team of dentists and practitioners, so you don’t have to worry about any mishaps that happen throughout your life. Don’t let your oral health delay you any further, and call their phone number today to schedule an appointment.

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