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Congenitally Missing Teeth and Treatment Options

Cartoon of missing teeth

For most people missing teeth are the result of poor dental hygiene or traumatic accidents that make it necessary to perform an extraction.  For some, however, missing teeth are the result of a condition known as ‘hypodontia’, which refers to a congenital condition in which teeth fail to grow in or develop.  Thankfully there are treatments for those who suffer from conditions like these, and Dr. Shikha Batra at the Troy Dental Studio has been helping handle them for years. If you suffer from Hypodontia and want to know if something can be done for you, contact our offices today.

What Causes Hypodontia?
Hypodontia is a hereditary, or congenital, condition where teeth fail to grow in either the baby or adult stages (or both).  Typically speaking the teeth that fail to grow in are the mandibular second premolars or the hindmost teeth in the mouth. While this condition can affect other teeth in the human mouth 60-72% of hypodontia cases involve these teeth.  As it is a genetic condition there is no known cause for hypodontia outside of heredity, but thankfully there are treatment options available.

How Can Hypodontia Be Treated?
There are a number of options that are available for treating conditions like these, including space maintenance, orthodontic treatment, maintaining the primary teeth, or dental implants and transplantation.  Another common treatment method used to treat Hypodontia is Resin-Bonded-Fixed-Partial-Dentures, or RBFPD’s, though by far the most preferential method of treating Hypodontia is single dental implants.

What Are Single Dental Implants?
Dental implants are set into titanium implants set into the jaw that is then topped with ceramic prosthetic teeth.  In most cases of Hypodontia, this is the most effective and longest lasting treatment and will ensure a beautiful smile with a fully functional set of teeth.  Since most cases of hypodontia include only a single missing tooth, or multiples of the same tooth (All secondary molars, for instance) this is an effective solution that is long lasting.

What About RBFPD’s?
Resin-Bonded-Fixed-Partial-Dentures are a method of single tooth restoration where a core is bound to the neighboring teeth to secure a prosthetic in place.  The RBFPD is then built around the core to provide a long-lasting and durable solution to single missing teeth. This is a less expensive and invasive method than dental implants, but there is a tendency for the bonding to come loose over time.  Inexpensive but ultimately reliable, many patients who don’t qualify for a dental implant benefit from RBFPD’s.

Do you suffer from Hypodontia and want to know what can be done to help your specific case?  Contact the Troy Dental Studio and schedule an appointment with Dr. Shikha Batra today. You’ll be scheduled for a consultation where your case will be examined and a determination made of the best way to treat your hypodontia.  Don’t wait another day to have the full, beautiful smile you’ve always dreamed of.

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