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Enjoy a Spa Experience at the Dentist

spa treatment

A spa experience isn’t something that most people associate with the dentist, but that’s something that Dr. Batra is trying to change. In fact, it’s why we offer our patients spa treatments while they wait for their appointment.

We have found that patients are more relaxed and at ease when they receive spa treatments. Additionally, by providing these services in office we are saving patients time and an additional trip to another facility for the same spa services.

Paraffin Hand Dip

The paraffin hand dip is a treatment that has been around for many years. It’s popular among men and women because of the many benefits it has. During this treatment your hands will be dipped in warm paraffin wax around three times. Each time a new layer is formed your hands are essentially being renewed.

While the wax hardens natural emollients make their way into dry and cracked skin, ultimately softening it. Once the hard wax is completely removed dead skin cells are shed and your skin feels like a million bucks.


If you’re tired of manicures that don’t last long, nail shellac is probably the best option for you. Shellac is a method of applying nail polish that is so durable your manicure could last a month without chips.

The shellac nail polish is a special type of gel. It’s usually applied over healthy nails then has a topcoat applied over it. Finally, a special UV light is used to cure the gel and make sure it lasts for much longer than traditional nail polish and topcoat.

Chair Massages

There’s nothing better than a quick chair massage to relax you before starting any dental procedure. Chair massages help promote relaxation and healing, and can also improve blood pressure.

Our patients who suffer from anxiety tend to love chair massages because it takes the edge off of the nerves they’re experiencing.

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