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Foods That Are Beneficial to Your Oral Health

List of Healthy Foods

Eating healthy foods can be great for weight loss and maintaining your overall health. The saying, “You are what you eat” really does have some truth to it; every food you take in has to be processed and digested into your system, so your body can absorb the nutrients needed to function. Those nutrients, such as calcium, fiber, vitamin A, and vitamin C, all have properties that provide energy, hydration, and the building blocks for your cells to function. Any nutritionists will inform you about how those nutrients help your body, but our dentistry will focus on how some of the most common healthy foods can benefit your oral health. Your oral health can be significantly impacted by what you eat; and while maintaining proper hygiene can help keep them clean and healthy, paying attention to what you eat can give your teeth a longer-lasting preventative solution for the future.

Our Top Foods For Oral Health


Yogurt, specifically Greek yogurt, can help maintain good oral health. Greek yogurt contains an excellent course of calcium, which can improve your bone health. Because your teeth are one of the only exposed bones in the body that take an active part in maintaining your health, eating calcium-rich foods can reduce the risk of osteoporosis. This bone degeneration disease can cause your jawbones and teeth to weaken. Those with a calcium deficiency will have a higher chance of developing periodontal gum disease. Greek yogurt also contains proteins, which can reduce hunger and probiotics, which can maintain balance in the gut for more comfortable to digest foods. Other dairy foods that can also help include cheese and milk.


An apple a day can also keep your dentist away! All doctors and dentists emphasize apples as a crucial part of a healthy diet because of its high water and fiber content. Eating apples does multiple things for the body; its fibrous material increases the production of saliva in your mouth, which can rinse away any unwanted bacteria and food particles in the mouth, leaving your mouth clean and stimulated. Apples also fight off bad breath, removes plaque from your teeth, and stimulates your gums. Overall, fiber-filled apples help normalize bowel movements and can reduce your cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Patient Holding an Apple


As a famous and highly used root vegetable, carrots contain a variety of nutrients, its most prominent being vitamin C, which boosts the immune system, and vitamin A, which can promote good vision. However, carrots also contain multiple vitamin B nutrients, which play a considerable role in protecting your teeth from decay. These nutrients help to strengthen tooth enamel, and just like apples, eating carrots helps to stimulate your gums and mouth, which can remove plaque and bacteria over time. 

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