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Four Questions For Your Hygienist During Your Next Dental Visit

A visit to your dentist is also an opportunity to spend some time with your hygienist, that nice assistant who comes in and does the initial prep for your visit with the dentist. While they’re taking the time to get you ready and asking questions about the time since your last visit, why not take the opportunity to ask them a few questions of your own? Hygienists are a front of useful information and are usually happy to help you with anything related to your dental needs. If you’re not sure what you should talk to them about, try a few of the questions below.

Do You Have My Most Up To Date Medications On Chart?

We often forget to exchange information between our providers, especially when it comes to new medication being assigned. Your dental office needs to know what medications your on in the event that they may have some affect on their work. Ask your hygienist what medications they have on file for you and make sure they include all your present prescriptions. If you have information about your other family members be sure to update them on their medication as well.

What Steps Can I Take To Improve My Oral Health?

Even those who diligently work to maintain good dental hygiene typically have areas they could improve on, and your hygienist is going to be the first one to notice when something needs attention. Ask them what steps you can take to improve your daily routine and what areas of your mouth aren’t getting cleaned as well as they should be. They’ll walk you through ways to improve your cleaning efforts and point out where you’ve been missing.

What Should I Tell My Family Doctor?

If you’ve discovered there’s something major going on with your oral health, you may want to ask the dentist what you need to tell your family doctor. Oral health can have affect the whole body, and it can be particularly important if you have a compromised immune system or are pregnant. While normally easily treated and relatively benign if managed quickly, it can be dangerous for those with other health issues. Speaking to your hygienist will let you know what you need to pass on.

Is There Anything Unusual In My Mouth Such As Sores, Bumps, Or Bleeding?

While these kinds of things should typically be noticed by your professional you may have been experiencing sensations or noticed a pinking of your brush without being able to identify the source. Do you have a sore spot on the roof of your mouth, a bump on your tongue, or something else you’ve noticed that may not be immediately apparent? Speak to your dental hygienist and ask them what they see, and be sure to tell them what you experience.

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