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How Oral Health Impacts Overall Health

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When we start thinking about dental health, we’re usually concerned with issues like cavities, gingivitis, needing fillings, crowns, or root canals.  We don’t usually consider the implications that having poor dental health can have for our overall health, or what effects our overall health can have on our dental health.  While avoiding the issues mentioned above is important when you’re performing your oral care routine, it pays to keep an eye on anything new going on in your mouth as it could be an indicator that you’ve got bigger problems.

How Does Oral Health Interact With Our Overall Health?
So you take great care of your teeth, brushing regularly, using floss daily, and always starting and ending your day with a splash of mouthwash, and yet you crack a tooth when chewing on ice.  For those with compromised teeth, this is a risk they’re taking, but you’ve been doing it for years to no ill effect, so what gives with the sudden cracks? If you’re taking great care of your teeth and gums, and an issue like this occurs it may just be poor luck, but there’s a possibility that issues like these are indicators of underlying issues.  Gingivitis and periodontitis don’t generally occur in those who have a healthy and regular dental care routine, and even for those who have a slightly less than perfect practice, there should be signs at your twice-yearly check-up. Sudden changes in dental health are therefor something you should immediately see your dentist, and potentially your physician, about.

Can Poor Dental Health Have Ramifications On My Overall Health?
It’s definitely a two-way street.  If you have poor dental health resulting in abscesses, you’re currently harboring an infection in your jaw.  There’s a lot of blood vessels that pass through your mouth and it’s not unheard of for a particularly advanced abscess to become systemic by passing through into them.  This is far less common, however than your gums reflecting something going on elsewhere in the body.

What Kind Of Conditions Can Have Indicators In My Mouth?
Gum disease is a strong indicator of other concerns and is particularly prevalent in those suffering from diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, respiratory disease, and rheumatoid arthritis. Studies of over a thousand medical histories revealed that this is a trend that’s been going on for quite some time, with those with gum disease have twice the likelihood of death by heart attack or suffering a stroke.

If you’re experiencing concerns with your dental health, and worry that they may indicate that something bigger is going on, contact your dentist today.  By making an appointment at Troy Dental Studio you’ll be taking advantage of the years of experience held by experts like Dr. Shikha Batra, who have been analyzing full body health for generations.  Don’t let the important signs of your physical health go unnoticed, see your dentist regularly so they can identify conditions that may be indicative of problems elsewhere. Your dental health can contribute to your experiencing a long and healthy life!

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