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How Smiling Affects Health

It’s generally considered rude to tell someone to smile more these days, but there are some incredible benefits to wearing a happy smile that cannot be denied. While most people believe that a smile is a sign of a happy or upbeat mood, this isn’t the entire truth of the situation. Research has revealed that “fake it till you make it” is a valid approach when it comes to smiling, and that baring your pearly whites can actually lead to a happier you. Even better, these same studies have shown that smiling is infectious, and can cause those observing you to feel better and start smiling themselves, so your smile can touch countless people as well as brighten your day!

How Your Smile Has The Power To Brighten The Day Of Others

The social nature of the human animal means that we are sensitive to the emotions and moods of the people around us, and smiling is a demonstration that everything is going well! Those who see you smile instinctually respond with a smile of their own, and research has shown that observing a smile causes the parts of our brain that registers rewards to light up. This means that we feel good when we see other people smiling. All of the myriad of chemicals in our brain that have to do with good moods, including serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins, all get released when we see a smile, and again when we smile ourselves.

Even better, endorphins are a natural pain reliever, so smiling is a way to not only reduce discomfort in ourselves but to help reduce pain and discomfort in others. So smiling doesn’t just benefit you! Throw a smile on your face to help brighten others days, lift their stress, and generally just make the whole world a little bit happier.

How Does Smiling Benefit Me?

One of the greatest things that smiling can do for you is to reduce the amount of stress you’re experiencing. The combination of chemicals mentioned previously can go a long way towards reducing stress chemicals in the body by eliminating or controlling their cause, and lower stress means better health. How so? Stress can do terrible things to your heart, raising blood pressure and causing muscles to feel tight and exhausted throughout the day. Mix your smile with a laugh and you’ll gain the additional benefit of a strengthened immune system! High levels of stress actually have a suppressive effect on your body’s ability to fight disease, so smile for good health!

Oral health issues are a major cause of why many people won’t smile. Discolored or damaged teeth leave them feeling self-conscious about their smile, causing them to hide it behind their hand or just to suppress any urge to smile. Dr. Shikha Batra has been working with patients like you to restore good dental health and the freedom to smile without feeling self-conscious. If you’re in the Troy MI area and are looking for a new dentist to help treat your smile, call Troy Dental Studio today!

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