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Invisalign in Troy, Michigan

There’s nothing quite like a beautiful smile, with straight pearly whites greeting those treated to your smile. Crooked teeth, under and overbites, and other dental concerns can have a marked impact on your confidence levels. Braces can help you to correct your smile, restore your confidence, and of course ensure good oral health. Teeth that are misaligned can often shift and cause damage to other teeth.

Orthodontic standards, generally metal braces, can have just as big an impact on your confidence levels; particularly if the patient is a teenager, or adult in a professional field. Enter Invisalign technology. Dr. Shikha, in her Troy Dental Studio, can correct your orthodontic concerns, with solutions that are a discreet and custom choice.

What are Invisalign Braces?

Developed with teenagers and adults in mind, Invisalign is a clear braces system that can help to reduce the self-consciousness often felt while going through needed orthodontic treatment.

Invisalign clear braces are custom designed for your teeth. They are clear trays that are worn continually and work continually to shift your teeth into the correct position. Your braces can be removed when you need to eat or brush and floss your teeth.

Made using a clear plastic that is highly durable, your Invisalign braces are subtle teeth correcting solution that most won’t even notice you are wearing.
Metal braces can bring with them increased levels of embarrassment, while also offering the potential for increased discomfort. The Invisalign braces technology doesn’t have with it the same levels of discomfort, which is a huge benefit for patients.

Dr. Batra will monitor the progress of your teeth, and ensure that you are comfortable throughout the process.

Getting Started with Invisalign Braces

In her Troy, MI offices, Dr. Shikha Batra will examine your teeth and mouth in order to determine whether you are a good candidate for this type of orthodontic therapy. Once this has been established, the Troy Dental Studio team will capture images of your jaw and teeth, as well as make a 3D impression of your bite.

This will help Dr. Batra develop a custom Invisalign treatment plan for you. The treatment plan and images will be sent off so that your custom trays can be created.

You will need to maintain your appointments with Dr. Batra so that your progress can be monitored, and so that you can switch to a new clear brace tray every few weeks as your teeth shift into the correct position.

If you are looking for orthodontic solutions that avoid the need to rely on metal braces, be sure to contact Troy Dental Studio to make your first appointment. The sooner you get your Invisalign clear braces from Dr. Batra, the sooner you’ll have a beaming straight smile that you are proud of.

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