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Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentist explaining to young patient how use toothbrush in dental clinic

When was the last was your child seen by his or her dentist? There is sometimes too little care given to the pearly whites of children under the age of 12. Pediatric dentist appointments are just as important to ensure a healthy mouth and smile as are adult dentist appointments. At Troy Dental Studio, your child can visit with Shikha Batra, DDS to get the best oral health care start possible.

As your Troy pediatric dentist, Dr. Shikha Batra will keep your children smiling.

When Should Your Child Be Seen?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry suggests children are examined by a dentist within 6 months of the first tooth eruption. The first tooth generally erupts around 6 months old; although this can vary greatly between children.

Many children don’t visit a pediatric dentist until long past the recommended age of 1. The reasoning behind delaying dentist appointments for kids are often personal, or because parents believe that their children need to have more teeth before being seen by a pediatric dentist.

Dr. Batra, in her comfortable and inviting Troy, MI offices will examine your children’s teeth, and look for other potential areas of concern.

Keeping those baby teeth healthy

Baby teeth are a lot more important than some of us may think they are. They serve a vital role in helping children to learn to eat new foods and keep a healthy body. Teeth that are problematic may cause discomfort for children learning to eat, and may also lead to fussiness about trying new foods.

Primary teeth also play a role in speech development, which is, of course, is an important milestone for young children.

Good oral health starts early. Your child’s first visit to his or her pediatric dentist, Dr. Batra will provide the opportunity to education, and demonstrations that can help keep your child’s mouth healthy.

Loving your dentist visits

Children can often be nervous about new doctors, doctor offices, and of course about dentists in general. The key to ensuring that your little one loves his or her visits to Dr. Batra’s office is to reassure them that this is a normal and safe experience that won’t cause discomfort.

One of the ways that you can help your children earn Dr. Batra’s trust is to have them accompany you on one of your own checkups. This will allow your little one to learn that the sights and sounds of a dental office are all perfectly safe.

There are a lot of books and online videos that have a focus on teaching more about good oral care, and educating children about what to expect at a dentist visit. Playing dentist games at home, using mirrors to examine one another’s teeth is also a great way to get your child used to opening wide.

Call Troy Dental Studio to make your child’s next pediatric dental appointment. Great lifelong oral health care starts early, so be sure to get your children off to the best start possible.

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