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The Diabetes-Dental Health Connection

Computerized image of a tooth over a background of sugar cubes

If you’re living with diabetes you may not have considered how your oral health is involved outside of your diet.  A growing body of studies has revealed that diabetes has a direct effect on oral health, and can, in fact, be the result of poor dental hygiene as well, albeit indirectly.  What all this means is that maintaining proper oral health through meticulous hygiene is as important in the prevention of diabetes as it is in living with diabetes.

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Suffering from gum disease, especially severe gum disease, has been revealed to cause potential difficulty in how your body naturally monitors blood glucose, one of the central factors in how diabetes progresses throughout the body.  Diabetes also results in higher vulnerability to bacterial infections, meaning those with diabetes are also more likely to get gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis. This is part of the reason why professionals insist that you maintain good dental health regardless of your present health conditions, to prevent the occurrence of diabetes and to help manage it if you suffer from it.

Inform Your Dentist If You Have Diabetes-Related
It is vital that you make certain that all your medical professionals are fully informed of any conditions you may be experiencing, and that includes telling your dentist about your diabetes.  Health isn’t isolated to one area of the body, instead, it is systemic, with everything affecting everything else, so all your practitioners need to know your total medical history. As your health issues may be caused by or causing, your dental concerns be sure you sign the proper forms for them to exchange information.

How To Prevent Dental Concerns Related To Diabetes-Related
Those patients who are suffering from diabetes know that it is vital that they take steps to control their blood sugar, and one of the steps they can take is maintaining good oral hygiene practices to ensure they have great dental health.  The usual steps should be taken, including daily flossing, brushing, mouthwash, and of course seeing your dentist at least once every six months. If you’re experiencing complications with your dental health you may need to see them more frequently.

What Kind of Complications can Diabetes Cause in My Oral Health
The most prominent conditions caused by diabetes is periodontitis and gingivitis, but there have also been recorded cases of those with diabetes getting a yeast infection in the mouth known as thrush.  Thrush is most recognizable by a white coating on the tongue and is often accompanied by halitosis, commonly known as bad breath.

If you’re living with diabetes and want to work with a dentist with a reputation for handling complex cases, pick up the phone and call the Troy Dental Studio in downtown Troy, Michigan.  Once you contact the office they’ll schedule an appointment and consultation with one of their skilled physicians like Dr. Shikha Batra. During your exam, your medical history will be discussed and your present oral health assessed, and a plan made to ensure you have a long and healthy life with a beautiful smile.

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