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What is a Root Canal?


What is a Root Canal?

Endodontic therapy is also known as root canal therapy. The root canal is a space within the root that can sometimes become damaged or infected and require the attention of an oral health professional. Because teeth and roots are living tissue, they contain nerves, arteries, veins, capillaries, and other connective tissues that commonly go along with any other part of the body. These tissues can be invaded by bacteria, fungi, or other microbial organisms which can cause damage to the pulp of the tooth. Root canal therapy is used to remove any of the infected pulp of the tooth, debris from dead tissue, and create a protective layer that will prevent the infection from returning.

What to Expect with Endodontic Therapy

Patients should know that endodontics is a procedure that can require multiple visits to complete. The first step is to diagnose any damage or infection to the dental pulp underneath the tooth. A series of x-rays may be taken to get a better look at the inside of the tooth. The x-ray may show signs of inflammation, infection, or decay that cannot be seen with the naked eye. If tooth damage or an infection is found, the dentist will need to drill into the tooth to open the crown, cutting through the enamel and dentin on top of the tooth. The dentist will then remove the infected tissue from the tooth and clean out any contamination using an irrigation and suction technique. The dentist will also need to remove the nerve from the root canal. After the crown has been cleaned out, the dentist will fill the root canal and shape the tooth. The tooth will then be protected with a crown that will cover the tooth and prevent the infection from returning.

The Goals of Root Canal Therapy

The goals are to relieve patient symptoms and prevent them from returning. This means opening up the tooth and removing the cause of the pain and frustration. The damaged tissue will be removed and the infection will be cleaned out. This will reduce the inflammation in the tooth and remove the symptoms of the infection. The other goal is to prevent this from happening again. This is why a crown is used to protect the tooth against future damage.

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