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Why Start Your New Year With Invisalign

New Year’s resolutions all revolve around self-care, health, and aspirations in life. It’s a time to be positive about the future and allows you to focus on making changes in your life that matter. Most people typically think of traveling, dieting, exercise, and mental health as goals for the future, and many times people have a difficult time achieving those goals due to the immense amount of time and energy it takes. However, taking care of your teeth, as small as an activity it is, can be a monumental goal if you look at it from a different perspective. If you have misaligned teeth and wish to change it, that’s where Invisalign comes in.

How does Invisalign works?

Unlike most braces, which involve intensive installation using metal aligners and attachments, Invisalign is a clear, plastic aligner that straightens teeth overtime without invasive procedures. Invisalign forms to the shape of your teeth over time, and as your teeth move into position, a new version of Invisalign is replaced and used over the course of five weeks. These braces are removable, meaning that you can eat your favorite foods, drink your favorite drinks, and brush your teeth without having to deal with the hassle of eating, drinking, and brushing your teeth with metal braces in the way. The simplistic design of Invisalign is what makes it such an innovative device in the dental industry. It won’t irritate the gums and cheeks, it doesn’t have to rely on the gums and jawbone for support, and it’s constantly adjusting to your teeth as the realign into perfect, white pearls.

Why should you choose Invisalign?

Invisalign is the perfect new year’s resolution because you’ll be able to align your teeth without having to make a huge commitment. Within a year, Invisalign can improve the appearance of teeth and ultimately change the way you view yourself. You can care for your teeth within a reasonable time period and feel accomplished. You won’t have to sleep with metal in your mouth, you can eat and drink without worry, and through dedication, you can have the beautiful smile you know you can get. Smiles have a huge impact on how people perceive themselves. Smiles can improve confidence, help you get jobs, and improve your life overall by changing the way you view yourself. Invisalign however still takes dedication as much as any goal does, and it will only work for those who have minor issues with their teeth, such as a small misalignment and some crooked teeth. Those with major alignment issues may not have the opportunity to use Invisalign, so speaking with your dentist is the only way to be sure if Invisalign is right for you.

At Troy Dental Studio, Dr. Raj – Shikha Batra and his team ensure a pleasant experience through diligent care and providing a friendly environment. Whether your a family in need of a dental checkup or want to look into Invisalign as an alternative to braces, their dentists in the Troy, MI are here for you, so schedule an appointment today!

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